February 14, 2017

Buy Dental Instruments Online – VeeCare

Buying your dental materials is now easier. Recently Veecare has announced the launch of its new online store where all dentists in India will be able to purchase their dental materials easily, quickly and safely.

Veecare is a company formed by professionals of the sector whose objective is to supply dentists with the best dental material for their clinics with an unbeatable value for money. They have a wide range of products for dentists, oral surgeons and dental laboratory technicians: apparatus, instruments, printing material, disposable, needles, accessories, uniforms, cleaning and disinfection products.

According to Veecare representatives, the goal is for dentists in the country to have faster access to their favorite dental materials such as Extraction Forceps, Scissors, Luxators, Wax Knife, Bone Calliper, Guages, Scalers, Carvers and many others.


Also, Veecare’s new online store has all the tutorials on its products, clinical cases, exclusive promotions and valuable information for dental surgeons who need clear and relevant information about their products.

The launch of this new online store meets the demands of a segment of dental physicians who employ new technologies to meet their needs; also allows Veecare to enter into the use of new technological platforms to continue innovating dental sector.

Safe shopping and fast shipment of your dental material

Veecare online store offers you various dental products from the best suppliers in the sector and from recognized international companies dedicated to supplies in the dental field. In Veecare we are incorporating dental equipment, instruments and supplies for clinics and dental consultations on an ongoing basis.

Dental conservative kit

Whether dental instruments, strawberries, polishers or disposables – we have a wide selection of high quality dental products with fast and uncomplicated delivery to your zip code. We accept credit cards, payments by bank transfers.


We hope that in our shop you will find all the dental material you need for your clinic, and if you do not find what you are looking for, our customer service will look for you and it will be a pleasure to serve you.

Visit the Veecare online store and buy your favorite dental materials online like resins, tooth whitening, diamond cutters, lead holders and many more products.
Go to http://veecare.co/ and know more.

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